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Got a special birthday or anniversary coming up?  If you would like a special cake for your celebration, then you’ve come to the right place.  Maybe you’d like a cake for the weekend, or you’re having a few friends around on a Friday, or you just fancy a cake for no reason at all (who needs a reason?).  Then look no further.  I will be happy to bake for you, whatever the occasion, large or small.

Please see below a list of my cakes. I haven’t put prices because there are so many variables with cakes – size, filling, decoration – that I tend to cost each commission as it comes in, but as a very basic guideline, a 20cm cake from my Classic Cakes with 2 layers, buttercream/jam filling and buttercream topping would be £22 and a 23cm would be £26.

Classic cakes – 2 or more layers, filling(s), topping(s)

Victoria sponge
Chocolate (and raspberry)
Carrot (and orange)
Coffee (and walnut)
Sticky toffee (and pecan)
Passion fruit and white chocolate
Earl Grey, lemon and white chocolate
Red velvet
Cherry and/or raspberry Bakewell

Single Layer Cakes

Orange, almond and honey
Sticky ginger and double chocolate
Chocolate and hazelnut
Kentish apple


Plain shortbread
Millionaires shortbread
Date and walnut/seasonal fruit crumble slice
Cinnamon granola bars
Rocky road
Bread pudding

Loaf Cakes

Lemon drizzle
Earl Grey tea bread
Banana, raisin and cardamom


Apple and almond cake (this is also dairy-free)
Lemon, blueberry and polenta loaf
Orange olive oil cake


Chocolate and avocado cake
Coconut and lime drizzle loaf
Iced lemon loaf
Sticky date and ginger traybake
Tiffin squares

Other bakes

Scones (plain or fruit)



Cakes & Bakes

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