Canapés at Dockyard Church, Sheerness

Grand reopening of the newly restored Dockyard Church

On Wednesday 7th June I had the very great honour of doing the catering for the grand reopening of Dockyard Church in Sheerness.  This magnificent building had an unlucky past suffering two devastating fires, the second of which in 2001 seemed to deliver the fatal blow, as it then sat empty for fifteen years: a sad, decaying relic.  But its fortunes were about to change: a trust was formed, funds were raised, experts were engaged, passionate supporters campaigned tirelessly and a plan was made to save it.  Finally, like a phoenix from the ashes, the structure re-emerged, a stunning blend of old and new, and Dockyard Church begins a new chapter as a “business enterprise facility and multi-use space, with youth business support function, display of the Dockyard Model and public access”.  What a great story.

For the reopening there were 150 VIPs on the guest list, including the Lord Lieutenant of Kent, Lady Colgrain, and many people who had in some way been involved in the huge restoration project.  The organisers wanted canapés to be served alongside the drinks, so I devised a list and assembled a team of helpers.

On the day we made and served the best part of 1000 canapés, poured many glasses of wine, apple juice and water and cut a giant cake portrait into over 100 pieces (cake not made by me, but by Baked by Stacey based in Minster).  The guests enjoyed the occasion and the story of Dockyard Church begins again.

Photos by Molly White


Canapés at Dockyard Church, Sheerness Gallery