Lunch at Alan Staley Boat Builders

This month I had the enormous pleasure of catering for a 90th birthday.  That’s pretty special by itself, but this one was extra special and one I will always remember.

I had a phone call back in May from Alan Staley at Alan Staley Boat Builders and he said he’d like me to cater for a 90th birthday party….for one of the team!  Turns out the birthday girl does the admin and books for the boatyard and has done so ever since she retired from banking when she was a young thing of 60!! Well, I was sold.  What a very special thing to be asked to do.  It was to be a bit of a surprise party, so if I had any questions I could only call or email the office on her days off!

Mixed sandwiches, sausage rolls and canapés

Mixed sandwiches, sausage rolls and canapés

I did a selection of her favourite things to eat: sandwiches, sausage rolls, a few canapes and a large coffee and walnut birthday cake.  I didn’t stay for the party of course, but it was such a happy thing to be involved with and when I returned a few days later to collect my plates and things, I heard how much she’d enjoyed it.  The biggest surprise of the day was that her son and grandchildren who she believed to be in Spain turned up.  An emotional moment.  The team had also organised a little interview with her on Radio Kent live from the party.  I listened to it and smiled when she was asked if she’d ever considered retirement to which she gave rather a derisory laugh and said, “Oh no, why would I want to do that?  I love it here and it’s great company for me.”  Delightful.

Happy Birthday June.  90 years young.

Lunch at Alan Staley Boat Builders Gallery