Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website!  I have wanted a website for a while, but when my Facebook business page was hacked early in 2021 I was finally spurred into action.  I suddenly realised how dependent I was on Facebook and Instagram for orders because I lost half my business overnight.  I was annoyed that this could happen and that I’d allowed it to happen, so I set the ball in motion for my website there and then.  I knew who I wanted to do it (Neil Brown of BeamTwenty3) as we had already discussed it a little bit the previous year, so it was easy to just follow up on those initial enquiries.  I began to go through my vast number of food photos, desperately trying to find enough that were acceptable for publication and was pleased with the selection I found which are a mixture of mine and my daughter’s photos, with a few of Neil’s as well (the professional looking ones!).  I then worked on the written content and things really started to come together and I’m thrilled with the result.

My aim with this page of news is to contribute to it once a month(ish) a write-up of an event I’ve done, or news about forthcoming home delivery (for example around Christmas if I do my Christmas Bakery), and a few photos of the food and maybe some behind-the-scenes pictures to show what goes on.  I hope it will be a good way to show the sorts of things I do, both after the event and to advertise a future service, so please keep an eye out for new articles as they come in.

Thank you, Pippa